One of the most important things to check before hiring a junk removal company is if they have the proper insurance in place before they set foot on your property. The licensing and insurance regulations governing this industry are there to protect you, the customer, from any damages or injuries suffered on your property. Because of the low barrier to entry for this business – basically anyone with a truck thinks they can do the job – there are a great many fly-by-night operations who promise to do all sorts of things they are unqualified or uninsured to do.

That’s why working with a fully licensed and insured company, like Great Junk Removal, is so important. We do the work efficiently and professionally, and all the while you’re completely protected by our insurance policies – both Worker’s Compensation and an Umbrella Policy covering your property.

It’s also important to be wary of the companies out there claiming to do junk removal and a laundry list of other services. If you come across a company claiming to do demolition, handyman, moving, gutter cleaning, and so on and so forth, on top of junk removal, you should be extremely cautious. Nine out of ten of these operations do not carry the proper insurance and are not licensed to do the work they offer their customers.

This kind of company could end up costing you far more than the cost of services, so, to protect yourself and your property, you should only hire a junk removal company that carries all of the necessary protections – like Great Junk Removal! Call (773) 628-7055 today to speak with a real junk removal professional, and get rid of that unsightly debris once and for all.

Great Junk Removal was founded by our family on the firmly held belief that there was a market in Northern Chicago for responsible, eco-friendly junk removal services. We began just as any small business, with a dream and a mission – to deliver the finest professional service at the lowest possible cost with minimal impact to the environment – and today, many years from where we started, the dream is alive and well.

Our mission never ends but every single day we do our part, in combination with our customers, to stop the rampant dumping of recyclable, reusable material into landfills. All the while, we do an excellent job of assisting Northern Chicago residents with managing the clutter that we know can build up quickly, and do it all at a price that the corporate franchises will never be able to match.

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Eric Gurewitz

Great Junk Removal is a proud family-owned and operated junk and trash removal company serving the areas in and around Northern Chicago.

John Gurewitz

Great Junk Removal is locally-owned, family-run, full-service, and unmatched in service and professionalism.

Susan Gurewitz

The people of Northern Chicago know the value of environmental protection and preservation.