Great Junk Removal Cancellation Policy – 24 Hour Notice

At Great Junk Removal, we do our absolute best to accommodate the needs of our residential and commercial junk and debris removal customers across the entirety of our service area. And, let us tell you, it takes quite a bit of logistical planning to keep our trucks moving and our crews occupied. Unfortunately, all that planning goes right out the window when we have last-minute cancellations of reserved men and equipment.

Due to this, Great Junk Removal charges customers a cancellation fee starting at $130 and increasing depending on the reserved men and equipment being cancelled. We do everything within our power to exceed our customer’s expectations, but that’s impossible if we can’t serve them due to a reservation that never comes to fruition.

We thank you for your understanding about this 24 Hour cancellation policy. If you have any questions about this policy, or any of the services offered at Great Junk Removal, simply call our office at (773) 628-7055 or use our contact form to submit your information and we’ll reach out to you!