Community Involvement


Great Junk Removal, LLC is committed to making the areas we live and work – and the broader world as a whole – a healthier, more sustainable world for ourselves, our children, and generations to come. We actively participate in this effort by doing all we can to see hazardous, toxic materials never see the inside of a Chicago landfill through our systematic and thorough reuse, repurpose, and recycling programs. We consider landfill diversion our primary mission, and have partnered with agencies and facilities across Northern Chicago to ensure nothing harmful to the environment makes its way to a landfill.

Great Junk Removal is proud to work with three of the area’s most visible charitable organizations – Goodwill Industries, The Rebuilding Exchange, and Habitat for Humanity Restores. Most of the clothing and furniture we collect is taken to local Goodwill Industries Intake Centers for donation on behalf of our customers – if in reusable condition of course. All of the reusable building materials we collect are taken to either the Rebuilding Exchange or Habitat for Humanity Restores. All of these donation centers use the materials to further their community initiatives and charitable activities.


Supporting Our Economy


Great Junk Removal is an active supporter of our local economy through the job opportunities we create. As a family-owned business, we think of each employee – and customer – as an extension of that family, and all of us live, send our kids to school, and spend our hard-earned wages right here in Chicago. We take great pride in the services and commitment to excellence our customers expect of us, and feel it is a reflection of the honesty, integrity, and rock-solid work ethic that made Chicago great.

Our efforts to divert toxic, hazardous, and reusable items from landfills fills a vital role in a community the size of Chicago with all of its diverse industrial and economic endeavors. Every ton of material we recycle is one less future generations will be forced to deal with, and provides the potential for a sustainable, healthy Chicago for the inhabitants and its ecosystems. Plus all of the items that can be reused go to help those less fortunate or earn valuable income for very worthy organizations. It gives us good reason to work hard every single day, and our 88% recycle rate says all you need to know about our belief in environmental responsibility.


The Susan G. Komen Foundation


Over the years, Great Junk Removal and all of its employees have been steadfast in our commitment to fighting cancer and donating to The Susan G. Komen Foundation. As a company with friends and family members affected by this disease, we feel obligated to do all we can to aid in the attempt to find a cure. It’s just one way Great Junk Removal stays actively involved in the communities we serve and the lives of the citizenry.

Great Junk Removal is also happy to assist local offices, businesses, and schools with the placement and ongoing maintenance of an E-Waste Recycling Collection Bin at your location. These bins are a great way to help fight pollution and give visitors a convenient way to do the right thing. Call (773) 628-7055 today to learn more about our E-Waste Diversion Program!


Public Service Announcements


Great Junk Removal cares a great deal about the safety and security of the great people who live and work in the communities we serve. We feel so strongly about safety in Chicago – especially on the roadways – that we’ve sponsored Public Service Announcements (PSAs) across the Chicago airwaves like on WXRT Radio 93.1 FM Chicago. Keep an ear out and you might catch the next one we produce!

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