All Junk Is Not Trash

All Junk Is Not Trash. Great Junk Removal is a locally-owned and operated family company. As such, we have strong feelings about the area and its environmental future. Our children will grow up in this area and we want to ensure they have a healthy, thriving environment to raise their own children in. We feel so strongly about this, in fact, that it was a big reason we began the company in the first place. We experienced firsthand the ways junk, debris, and trash was being handled in Chicago, and we thought something had to be done.

Landfill diversion is a worthy cause. It keeps thousands of tons of debris from seeing the inside of an area landfill and provides needed materials for recycling. In the best cases, the items can be donated to a local facility for reuse by someone less fortunate than ourselves who truly needs them. That’s the real mission behind what we do every day – getting things that are needed into the hands of those who need it instead of spending the next 500 years mucking up the environment.

When you look into your cluttered basement or storage unit, your attic or garage, all you see is stuff you wish wasn’t taking up space you need for something else. Others might look at it and see the items they’ve needed so badly but couldn’t afford. They might see something that they could use to make something else. The possibilities are limitless, but, because of proximity and frustration, we often can’t see the intrinsic value in what’s gathering dust around us. That’s one of the reasons we go to great lengths to evaluate every single item we put on a truck. Could it be useful to someone else? Will a facility take it? Can we deliver it to the proper place? All these questions and more are our focus on every project, so you can relax and leave the lifting, both literally and figuratively, to us.

After you’ve moved as much junk, debris, and trash as Great Junk Removal has, you get to be pretty good at quickly and efficiently categorizing the items you collect. It’s what separates professionals like us from the amateurs who flood the market each spring and summer promising things that no honest company can deliver. Beware of these operators and their shady assurances. Trust the experts at Great Junk Removal instead. We know the difference between a donation facility and a dumpster, and will guarantee your items find their way to the right place – not just any place.

When you need help with clutter or junk removal of any kind, yet want to try to do some good with your belongings, call the team at Great Junk Removal. Our crew will come to your property, offer an estimate free of charge, and even go over our recommendations for specific items. If we think a donation can be made, and you request it, we’ll even deliver a donation receipt for use with your taxes. Think of it as our guarantee – just like our 100% satisfaction guarantee – that everything you entrust to us will have every opportunity at a new life – either in the hands of a fellow Chicagoan or as a recycled product. That’s what we mean when we say, “All junk is not trash”.

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