What Does Junk Removal Cost?

What Does Junk Removal Cost? One of the real difficulties for people looking to have junk items removed from their property is the wide range of pricing they can find for what amounts to the same service. For those who have never tried to hire a company to dispose of something, it may come as some surprise to learn that there may be twenty different companies offering twenty different prices for the same removal job. Why? Well, the simple answer is that there’s no simple answer.

Junk removal isn’t an exact science and has no guidebook for appropriate pricing. In fact, most reputable companies long ago settled on a volume/time pricing model to try to establish some sort of uniformity across the industry (Pro Tip: If the junk removal crew uses any other pricing model, they’re probably not licensed or insured, but simply another truck owner trying to make a buck). You can see a generic approximation of junk removal volume pricing in the table below:

Truck Load Min. Load ¼ Load ½ Load ¾ Load Full Load
Avg. Cost $125-175 $280 $375 $515 $650


The vast majority of honest junk removal companies across Chicago will use a model similar to this to price out your project. As you can see, the real cost is due to the size of material – not necessarily its weight. If two men can lift your items, that means, in 99% of cases, they’re good to go. Items that require additional manpower or time to move, or need to be disposed of in specific ways – like TVs, tires, mattresses, or wet and extremely heavy materials, may add cost to your project, but a reputable junk removal company will identify these items before work begins and fully explain the pricing associated with removing those problem items.

In most cases, the actual cost for your junk removal can be quickly and accurately assessed by experienced junk removal teams simply from the size of the items. Most common items we remove are built along similar lines and occupy the same amount of space, so when we see them we automatically know how much room they’ll take inside the truck – refrigerators for example. All of our trucks are 24-yard models measuring 15ft x 7.5ft x 6ft, so they’re large enough to tackle the biggest jobs, but small enough to be used on any project.

So, the next time you have junk or debris, yard waste or old appliances, that you need removed from your property, call the experts at Great Junk Removal at (773) 628-7055. Working with a licensed, insured professional ensures you and your property are protected from liability and your project will be finished on-time and at the price we quoted. As a local, family-owned business, that’s our promise to you and, as with everything we do, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

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