Residential Junk Removal Service


Great Junk Removal understands the ways in which residential garages, basements, attics, and other rooms become overwhelmed and packed full of clutter. These things usually build slowly over time, and before you know it the task at hand is simply too enormous to tackle singlehandedly. It can also be a very stressful experience for some due to the personal attachment they may feel for the clutter in question. This is one of the reasons people call on companies like Great Junk Removal – to take the emotion out of junk removal.

One of the most common reasons for the buildup of clutter and debris is the time needed to properly dispose of it. There is a real time commitment necessary to get rid of large, heavy items – not to mention the means of transporting it to the proper facility for dumping. When it comes right down to it, much of the accumulated junk, debris, and trash found in residential properties is there because the owner or tenant simply had no time and conveyance to remove whatever has built up over time. This is exactly how some hoarding situations begin.

Speaking of hoarding, Great Junk Removal specializes in helping homeowners and landlords clear their property of the aftereffects of a hoarding case. No matter how large, the professional crews at Great Junk Removal will come to your property, give you an exact quote for the needed services, and get to work clearing out the mass immediately – all without a word of judgment for the conditions. We understand the solution to your problem, and spend no time worrying over its cause. Our job is removal and that’s what we do.


Real Estate & Property Management Junk Removal


If you are a real estate or property management company in the Northern Chicago area and have tenants who leave behind junk, trash, and debris in their units, you need to make a call to the professional junk removal specialists at Great Junk Removal today. We can quickly remove all of the offensive clutter and debris so that you can show your property again in as fast a turnaround as possible. Our efficient junk removal teams have years of experience helping real estate agents and property managers sell or rent their properties sooner, and would love the opportunity to help you as well. We invite you to call us at (773) 628-7055 for an appointment where we will provide you with a detailed, free estimate for our services or you can easily book our services online by using our Contact Form.


Eviction Clear-Outs


Great Junk Removal has many years of experience assisting property owners with eviction clear-outs. Many times, the relationship between parties has soured to the point that the tenant being evicted will simply leave everything they feel is not worthy of carrying away. Thus, junk is born. In these instances, the best option available for the owner or property manager is to call on the experts at Great Junk Removal. Our specialists are trained for these exact circumstances, and will use the appropriate care and caution required when dealing with junk, trash, and debris left in these situations. There is no end to the vindictive nature of some people, and, often, the messes they leave are of an especially virulent nature. There could be toxic or hazardous materials that are better left to the professionals for removal. Great Junk Removal is here when you find yourself facing the aftereffects of an eviction, and will work closely with you to get your property back up and ready to be rented. You can count on us to be prompt, professional, and always polite. Call our office at (773) 628-7055 to speak with one of our knowledgeable, attentive staff members about whatever junk removal needs you have.


Foreclosure Clear-Outs


A foreclosure is an already difficult time in a person’s life and the extra stress of worrying about what to do with all of the stuff can be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Great Junk Removal wants to help. We offer the most competitive rates in Chicagoland, and will treat you, your possessions, and your property with the respect and consideration they deserve. That’s our promise to you – nothing we do will affect the value of your property. We understand it must be protected, and our skilled professionals will remove the debris, trash, junk, and any other items you identify with the care of a professional moving company. Great Junk Removal is a fully insured foreclosure clear-out specialist with a proven track record of assisting customers with removal of items from their property without damaging the value in any way. Our 24-yard trucks are more than capable of handling any size job, and, as always, we take less than 12% of your items to the landfill. Our philosophy of landfill diversion means 88% is recycled, repurposed, and reused. So, in the end, your junk will be someone’s new treasure – someone who really needs it. Call (773) 628-7055 today to speak with one of our foreclosure clear-outs specialists.


Yard Waste Removal


Great Junk Removal knows yard waste comes from a variety of sources, and builds up over time for just as many reasons. There may have been a storm that destroyed parts of your yard, or you might have started a home improvement project and never had the time to complete it. Now there’s an enormous mess to clean up and you haven’t the time or the energy to see to it yourself. That’s why Great Junk Removal was born – to assist our neighbors with the responsible disposal of waste. We offer an eco-friendly, super-efficient way for you to finally tackle that unsightly mess that’s been cluttering up your yard and marring its otherwise beautiful appearance. Our skilled experts will arrive promptly on time and get started removing every bit of the organic matter and junk filling your yard, so that when we leave upon completion you can get back to enjoying the yard you used to have before the mess took over. Great Junk Removal uses 24-yard trucks for every job, so we can take what the others would leave. Call (773) 628-7055 today and get rid of the eyesore in your yard before another season passes.

Great Junk Removal specializes in the cleanup and removal of your residential yard waste. We will handle everything from loading it up to hauling it away for the price we quote, and do so with politeness and professionalism.

Here’s a brief listing of the types of yard waste we will remove: Soil, Leaves, Branches , Shingles, Stumps, Firewood, Clippings, Fencing, Lumber, Window, Sod, Wood, Corrugated Metal, Frames, Timber, Plasterboard, Iron


Great Junk Removal provides friendly service, affordable rates, and the finest residential junk removal you can find in all of Chicago. We pride ourselves on our 88% recycle rate and our continued service to our community. All you have to do is make a call to (773) 628-7055 today to speak with one of our knowledgeable staff about your residential junk removal needs. Once we’ve looked over your project, we’ll give you a quote that can’t be beat for the level of service and respect we offer. All that’s left is watching our team tackle your challenge. Before you know it, the junk that’s been driving you crazy will be nothing but a bad memory – plus you can feel good knowing you handled it in a responsible, eco-friendly manner with a family-owned local business. It really is a win in any way you look at it!

Great Junk Removal, LLC is a family-owned and operated professional junk removal company serving the residential and commercial communities of Bensenville, Schiller Park, Park Ridge, River Forest, River Grove, Rosemont, Oak Park, Norridge, Niles, Morton Grove, Melrose Park, Logan Square, Lincolnwood, Harwood Heights, Glenview, Franklin Park, Evanston, Elmwood Park, Des Plaines, Chicago, Skokie, Wilmette From removing minor incidentals to clearing out entire garages, we will handle the whole process. Call us today at (773) 628-7055 for all your junk removal needs.